Livre fantasy

Dodger's Doorway

The first chapter of “The Storyworld Saga”

One night, timid teenager Mark “Dodger” Bishop stumbles through a magical doorway that transports him to Storyworld, a strange realm inhabited by characters from fairy tales, myths, and legends. Dodger must team up with the warrior Humpty Dumpty and the alchemist Rumpelstiltskin to complete a series of adventures. Along the way, they encounter a cannibalistic witch, a mad puppeteer, ferocious bounty hunters, and much more. *Note: There is some minor language and violence in this book.*

Auteur : Alessandro Reale (USA)
Année : 2019
Langue : Anglais.
Genre : Roman Fantasy
Age : 10-18 ans
Format : 282 pages
Prix : $19