Children's book

La Symphonie des Songes

Imagine the History of Classical Music being told by the villains of the greatest operas... A very poetic way to discover the major works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, Modeste Moussorgski & Arigo Boito, The Capitain of the Flying dutchman (Wagner), Don Giovanni (Mozart), Mefistofeles (Boito), The dancer of the Bald Mountain (Moussorski) & Death (Liszt) who tell their stories and their misadventures to Luna, a little girl not like the others.

Author : Vanessa Callico (FR)
Publisher : Le Héron D'Argent
Year : 2016 
Language : French
Book record - Size : 9.5 x 12.5 inch.
Language : French 
Price : 25€