Children's book

l'Encyclopédie des Revenants et des Non-morts

What an idea to have a session of spiritism ! Now everything is flying in the room: the hitting spirits are at the party. A beautiful ghost is reaching out to you. You are about to enter the dance... But someone is screaming in the garden : it is maybe a banshee under the moonlight? Unless it is the dinner of a vampire who is rebelling. Haunting humans, it is not so easy for the creatures of the night. Many creatures from around the world have come back from the Hereafter to haunt this encyclopedia. What to make you shiver at any age !

Author : Lionel Berha & Vanessa Callico
Publisher : Le Héron d'Argent 
Year : 2017
Language : French
Size : 9.5 x 12.5 inch.
Price : 29.90 €