Published : 2009
Author : Jean-Pierre Favard.
Fanzine : Freaks Corp. (France)
Editor :
Tools : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq,
watercolor & acrylic paintings, pencil.

Illustrations painted for the cover of the issue#1 of the review of the Strange Freaks Corp. And for the short story Mauvaises vibrations written by J-P Favard.

Pitch of the story  : The house raises in border of forest. A kind of unhealthy shanty just good to have the visit from night birds or from lost walkers just like us.  Stéphanie walks in front of me, her backpack on shoulders. She had not breathe a word to me for over an hour now. I told her that this walk was not a good idea. But she insisted  so hard that I eventually gave up. Now  she tries not to lose her face and to resume her influence on me. But I am not going to let her do so easily.... "