Year : 2014
Poster : Mozart L'Enchanteur (France)
Link : website Théâtre du Petit Saint Martin
Tool : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq,
watercolor painting, pencil.
Poster's layout : On Air Communication

Illustration painted for the poster of the show "Mozart L'enchanteur " that will be presented to Le Théâtre du Petit St Martin in Paris from October 11th, 2014 till January 3rd, 2015. Performed by Le Théâtre de L’Étreinte, written by Charlotte Escamez / Staged William Mesguich.


Published : 2009
Author : Jean-Pierre Favard.
Fanzine : Freaks Corp. (France)
Editor :
Tools : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq,
watercolor & acrylic paintings, pencil.

Illustrations painted for the cover of the issue#1 of the review of the Strange Freaks Corp. And for the short story Mauvaises vibrations written by J-P Favard.

Pitch of the story  : The house raises in border of forest. A kind of unhealthy shanty just good to have the visit from night birds or from lost walkers just like us.  Stéphanie walks in front of me, her backpack on shoulders. She had not breathe a word to me for over an hour now. I told her that this walk was not a good idea. But she insisted  so hard that I eventually gave up. Now  she tries not to lose her face and to resume her influence on me. But I am not going to let her do so easily.... "


Year : 2013
Author : Chris Day (Australia)
Editor : Abyssal Press
Link : Buy the book
Tools : Photoshop, charcoal pen, acrylic painting, pencil.

Here is an old picture that I recently reworked on because the young talented australian writer C.S. DAY chose it as a cover for his book Ash : a Novella. It is available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback).

Pitch of the story : Where do you run to when you're running from yourself? Ash showed Faith a world beyond her books and lectures, but now that he's dead, she has lost more than she ever dreamed. She drives into the night, and finds an unlikely companion at the far corner of the world. But she's losing her grip, and the world of the real and the world of dreams begin to collide and to splinter.


Published : 2010
Authors : Collection of artists
Publisher : DapShow (USA)
Link : Buy the book
Tools : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq,
Watercolor & acrylic painting,

Illustration painted for the book Misery Loves Company. It is the second volume of the Gothology comic anthology series. It is loaded with 28 comics from miserable artists from all four corners of this wretched planet. Standard Sized Trade Paperback. Black & White. 272 pages.



Published : 2014
Editor : Les Editions du Chat Noir
Tools : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq
Black Ink
, brou de noix & Pencil.

Here is a new illustration painted for Les Editions Du Chat Noir. It will soon be available as a postcard or bookmark on their website !