Published : 2010
Author : Jean-Pierre Favard
Editor : La Clef d'Argent
Link : Buy the book
Tools : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq, Ink,
acrylic painting, pencil.

Illustration painted  for the cover of the novel. Limited box including copies, signed and numbered by the author, and objects derived from the book that I had the pleasure to create: poster, badges, pass and mediator of the group Thelema are still available.

Pitch of the story : «Edie often thought that if she had been born several centuries earlier she would have been a witch. But she is born at the age of the television, so she had no other choice than becoming a rock star. Everything was a simple question of  period. Of period and of context. ".»

Legendary underground Gothic figure, Edie denied her origins by giving in to the sirens of the glory. That is at least what some fans from the early days thought about her. They did not tolerate the multiple nominations to " Les Victoires de la Musique" awards. Edie was not far from thinking the same thing too until the day where an admirer gave her a book of spell that was going to open up unexpected perspectives to her. At the end of a great concert in Dole, she mysteriously vanished away, leaving an audience going wild and under a supernatural, malevolent force. The morning after, the audience complety forget about that strange night, the sabbath in which it got involved...