Published : 2009
Author : Sébastien Bellanger.
Link : Read the Story
Tools : Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq, Ink , acrylic, pencil.

Illustration painted for the community web fiction Lacryma created by Sébastien Bellanger. A literary series suggesting to the readers being inspired by it to create some downloadable artistic contents and so become themselves creators of the series.

Pitch of the Story :  Lacryma is a tragic and epic story, a very violent drama on the scale of our species and of our planet. A dozens of restless characters, angry by the return of the archaisms and the instinct of survival. Lacryma is a dive in the soul of these people, our descendants, who carry in them all our promises and all our blackness. Lacryma is their dreams and their nightmares.