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Blue Spots disponible sur le site TWLOHA !

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Blue Spots available on TWLOHA's website !

Blue Spots disponible sur le site TWLOHA !


FR : SUPER NOUVELLE ! Le livre jeunesse Blue Spots est maintenant disponible sur le site TWLOHA !
C'est une joie immense de voir Blue Spots distribué sur leur site. J'espère que le message d'espoir de ce livre aidera de nombreuses personnes. Vous pouvez acheter Blue spots via leur site en cliquant ici.

 To Write Love on Her Arms est un mouvement à but non lucratif qui aide les personnes personnes dépendantes, dépressives et suicidaires à retrouver l'espoir. L'argent récolté sert à informer sur ces pathologies et il est également investie dans des traitements et des thérapies.  

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ENG : EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ! Blue Spots is now available on TWLOHA's website! Being partnered with TWLOHA is an honor and I am so grateful the message of Blue Spots will reach their supporters. I hope the story will help those who need it most. Please click here if you want to purchase it. Thank you.

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. 


Gothic Art : Vampires, Witches, Demons, Dragons, Werewolves & Goths (The Secret of...)

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Gothic Art - book

Gothic Art : Vampires, Witches, Demons, Dragons, Werewolves & Goths (The Secret of...)

J'ai l'honneur d'avoir deux illustrations publiées dans le livre Gothic Art : Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Demons, Dragons & Goths (The Secret of...). Il s'agit des peintures Castle Forest et Dust & Echoes pour laquelle j'ai fais un tutoriel.
Livre sur le thème fantastique & gothique (Elfe, fée, sorcière, dragon, loup-garou, paysage...) qui regroupe 172 artistes dont Aly Fell, Anne Stokes, Alex Horley, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, Brom...pour citer les plus connus. Livre d'art de 192 pages en anglais, 289 mm x 279 mm.

English : I feel really proud to see two of my pictures published in the book Gothic Art : Vampires, Witches, Demons,Werewolves, Dragons & Goths (The Secret of...). The paintings selected are Castle Forest and Dust & Echoes for which I explain my working process.

Gothic Art is a powerful new illustrated book, packed with inimate portraits of lonely vampires, winsome witches and stunning visions of eerie characters and landscapes. Gothic art has surged in popularity over recent years, fuelled by the Twilight phenomenon, then cool TV series such as True Blood, Vampire Diaries and My Babysitter's a Vampire and bestselling games cards from Wizards of the Coast. The Hunger Games generation is fascinated by gothic themes and this fantastic new book brings together the hottest new talent with classic gothic artists such as Aly Fell, Anne Stokes, Alex Horley, Jasmine Beckett-Griffith and Brom, to create an explosive, imaginative tour-de-force. With digital and traditional paintings and photo art, and a fascinating discussion of the gothic, this is a must-have read for anyone interested in the slightly darker, anarchic side of art. Art book with 172 artists, 192 pages written in english, 289 mm x 279 mm.