My name is Sandrine Replat, artist's name Senyphine. 2D Digital Painter & Fine Artist. BA with honors from School of Graphic & Digital Arts in 2001.

I was born in 1978 and I live in France. Since my childhood I have had a passion for drawing. use and mix different mediums to make my paintings : pencil, black ink, charcoal pen, acrylic and watercolor paint, Photoshop & Wacom Cintiq. It is a way for me to explore all the possibilities of each medium and to get the effect that will better fit to the mood. I like to give a eerie atmosphere to my work, painting dreamlike landcapes or odd characters close to thefairy tales, children’s tales and fantasy litterature.

During my childhood I was always captivated by images in the book and cartoon films. Today I draw on cinema / Animated films (Burton, Jeunet, Miyazaky, Disney), literature (Poe, Lovecraft, Verne), painting (Dali, Rembrandt, De Vinci, Doré), Steampunk & retro-futurism style...I am also influenced by street arts (Jeff Soto), tattoo artists  Belly Buton) and music (Tool, APC, Ez3kiel, sayCet...). For me, painting is a means of expression, an outlet. A call to escapism. A real need to deal with the tedium of everyday life, to twist reality by giving it a dreamlike, nightmarish and mysterious atmosphere.

I illustrate book covers, children books, comic strips, CD's artwork, posters...I am also open for private commissions paintings & tattoo designs.

Please feel free to explore all the areas of my website to discover my work and to contact me for your projects, whatever they may be at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Few projects...

the portfolio



Children’s Books 

 • L'Encyclopédie des Revenants et des Non-morts written by Lionel Behra & Vanessa Callico - Le Héron d’Argent Editions, France • 2017

 • Olympia ou la mécanique des sentiments written by Vanessa Callico - Le Héron d’Argent Editions, France • 2017

 • Amarante written by Pierre Benazech - Les Chiroptères Editions, France • 2016

 • Gray Spots written by Nicoline Evans, USA • 2016

 • La Symphonie des Songes written by Vanessa Callico - Le Héron d’Argent Editions, France • 2016

 • Blue Spots written by Nicoline Evans, USA • 2015

Cover Art

 • La Balafre de Dieu written by Francis Jr Brenet - Underground Editions, France • 2015

 • The Chronicles of Oasis Part I, II, III written by W. Hemming - Candice Brown, USA • 2012 - 2013

 • Le Chemin des Fées written by Fabrice Anfosso - Lokomodo Editions, France • 2011

 • Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Dole written by Jean Pierre Favard - La Clef d’Argent Editions, France • 2010

Art Books

• Play-Boy - Black-Out Editions, FRANCE • 2015

 • Gothic Art - Flame Tree Publishing, UK • 2013

 • Exposé 10 - Ballistic Publishing, Australia • 2011

 • Gothology tome II - Dapshow Publishing, USA • 2010

 • Exposé 6 - Ballistic Publishing, Australia • 2008



  • Théâtre de l’Etreinte, France • 2016-2017
Designed posters and theater set for the show Miserables performed in Paris.
Designed posters for the show Olympia ou la mécanique des sentiments performed at the Avignon Festival and in Paris.

 • Once Upon A Zombie, Toon Studio, USA • 2014-2015
Painted zombie-themed landscapes for mutiple fairy tales, including Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella & Alice in Wonderland.

 • Théâtre de l’Etreinte, France • 2014-2015
Designed posters for the shows Mozart l’Enchanteur, Les Fables de La Fontaine & Blood Wedding performed at the Avignon Festival and in Paris.

 • Mystérieuses Lucioles, France • 2012-2014
Collaborated with illustrator Charline on artwork for Clémentine Ferry’s encyclopedia titled, Mystérieuses Lucioles.

 • Zeros2Heroes, Canada • 2008
Collaborated with Jennica Harper, screenwriter for TV industry on a comic strip script titled Abigail’s War, which was published on the website of Zeros2Heroes as part of a contest organized by Cartoon Network.