La Symphonie des Songes - Children's book

It is with great pleasure that I am presenting here a beautiful children's book designed for musical learning La Symphonie des Songes written by the very talented Vanessa Callico. It has just been published by Le Héron d'Argent. Soon available in several languages.

Pitch of the story  : Imagine, the History of Classical Music being told by the villains of the greatest operas...A very poetic way to discover the major works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, Modeste Moussorgski & Arrigo Boito ! The Capitain of the Flying dutchman (Wagner), Don Giovanni (Mozart), Mefistofeles (Boito), Dancer of the Bald Mountain (Moussorski) & Death (Liszt) who tell their stories and their misadventures to Luna, a little girl not like the others.

Description : Table book, Record-book - 100 full color page.
Price : 29€90, Editions le Héron d'Argent


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